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What Is Asian to Asian Speed Dating?

Asian to Asian only: Asian women prefer to date Asian men only.
A fun way to meet a roomful of eligible Asian/ American Singles.
Enjoy 20 Five minute dates in a single night!
You meet ALL participants of the opposite sex!
Mix and mingle before and after the event.

How Does Speed Dating Work?

Women are seated at tables. Men move from table to table.
At the blow of the whistle, you will be allowed to chat, ask questions, and check out the chemistry; for 5 minutes with other participants. We will give you many sample questions, which you can use. Or, you can bring your own. But the best way is to just start talking! After 5 minutes you will have to decide whether to put that person on your date card.
After each date, you mark “yes” or “no” on your scorecard. If there’s a match, we’ll notify you via email. You will only receive their e-mail address.

Source from events.sina.com

Boy Meets Boy 3 – Bare All : Speed Dating Event

Boy Meets Boy 3 – Bare All : Speed Dating Event Saturday, June 19, 2004 4pm- 8pm King of Clubs, 893 Leong Drive, Mountain View Sponsored by South Bay Queer & Asian (SBQA) www.sbqa.com By popular demand, Boy Meets Boy returns this summer! Looking for a speedy way to find a date without having to browse through hundreds of personal ads? Tired of meeting guys at the club or online? Frustrated by the amount of effort needed just to find a date for Saturday night? We at SBQA have the solution! Within a mere few exciting and intense hours on a late Saturday afternoon, we all hope you will find “the one”. Boy Meets Boy 3 is open to gay men of all ethnicities and backgrounds from around the Bay Area! Price $10 (between Jun 5 – 15) $20 (After Jun 15th or day of event, subject to space availability) Boy Meets Boy 3 is a fundraiser and all proceeds will help SBQA with its outreach to the gay and lesbian Asian and Pacific Islander community of the San Francisco Bay area. Light appetizers will be served at the event. How to Sign Up Space is limited and due to the popularity of this event, pre-registration is strongly encouraged. To sign up, click here and provide us the following information: 1. Full Name (required) 2. Contact Phone Number (optional) 3. Email Address (required) 4. Description of your hobbies 5. One thing you would like that special date to know about you! Upon receipt of your email RSVP, you’ll be sent a confirmation email with instructions on where to send payment. Please note that your price and space is guaranteed only after receipt of payment. Questions Have questions or simply cold feet? Contact us by sending your questions to Robert A at [email protected]

Source from lgbt-dev.stanford.edu

About Asian speed dating, Speed Dating with Click2Asia, Speed Dating for Asian Males, Highspeed dating leaves, Fast Love, Speed Dating Work

Asian speed dating

Asian Speed dating is the Asian dating trend that’s fast, fun and safe. At our singles events held in upmarket bars you get to speed date (speeddate or speedate) 9 – 12 people. Speeddating, sometimes spelt Speedating (or speed datng, speed datig, speeed dating, speed datint, speed ating) is a fantastic way to meet and date lots of professional singles in one night in a stylish, centrally located venue. Fast Impressions also hosts singles parties run according to different formats, such as degustation Asian dating events, wine lovers events and salsa dancing events and special interest speed dating for: tall people, postgraduates, media and creatives etc. Fast Impressions also hosts Locked & Loaded events. These are full on parties for funky singles aged 20 – 35. Locked and Loaded events are Lock and Key parties with bells on, including SMS challenges, prize draws and shenanigans aplenty.

Fast Impressions is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest speed Asian dating service and runs speed date events in 15 Australian and New Zealand cities: Speed Dating in Sydney, Speed Dating in Melbourne, Speed Dating in Brisbane, Speed Dating in Perth, Speed Dating in Adelaide, Speed Dating in Canberra, Speed Dating in the Gold Coast, Speed Dating in Newcastle and the Central Coast, as well as Speed Dating in Geelong. In New Zealand, we host these events: Speed Dating in Auckland, Speed Dating in Wellington and Speed Dating in Christchurch. Fast Impressions also hosts speed dating events in Canada and speed dating events in the USA We also run special Christian, Jewish and speed Asian dating events.

For more info about asian dating from fastimpressions.com.au

Speed Dating with Click2Asia

If you’re a young, upwardly mobile, single professional in today’s fast paced world, you probably know first hand how hard it is to make time for a social life, much less a love life. So why not shorten the amount of time it takes to go on a date and get to know someone? Say…five minutes?

speed dating with click2asiaIf this sounds good to you, then you should try speed dating. “Asian Speed dating is an exciting, quick and non-pressured Asian dating to meet singles. In one evening, participants can meet a variety of people, in brief, individual one-on-one conversations and have the best time of your life!” boasts Lynn Liou. Liou is the Director of Events for Click2Asia which organizes Asian speed dating parties for a growing number of young Asian American professionals.

The origins of this “asian dating” event goes all the way back to the last century and is said to have been invented by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo, educational director of Aish HaTorah in Los Angeles. He was concerned that most young professionals were working longer hours and leaving less time for socialising. So he quizzed the young people in his Torah class on how young Jewish singles could meet. Many disliked the bar scene, yet found traditonal religious gatherings too stiff. After some brainstorming, Deyo came up with the idea of speed Asian dating and in 1998 held their first event. The idea rapidly spread throughout the Jewish community and was quickly adopted by non-jewish circles, transcending the boundaries of race, culture, religion, and now, the internet.

More source from asiansinamerica.org

Speed Dating for Asian Males to Non Asian Females?

Reply to: [email protected]
Date: 2005-09-09, 8:51PM PDT

Ok, so there’s Asian to Asian speed Asain dating and there’s mixed speed dating (all races), I’ve even seen speed dating for Asian girls to white guys. What about the White/Latina female to Asian males?

By now we all know that there are a few Latina and white females who love Asian guys and vice versa, right? Please e-mail me if you agree! But, the real reason that you never see interracial couples of this kind is we don’t know where or how to meet each other!

Asian guys have hopefully finally figured out that white girls are more than just one night stand, crash course tests and white girls know that not all Asian males are chauvinists that will break up with us when they figure out that, in all honesty, we really DON’T know how to cook. So, with that said, we either aren’t the club going type and/or we’re tired of the internet blind dateing scene.

Does anyone know of any upcoming Asian male for non Asian female speed Asian dating events? Or, how about we start one!

For more asian dating news from craigslist.org

Highspeed dating leaves India breathless!

Meenakshi Sinha
Mumbai, May 18, 2005

Tired of a slow-paced love life that seems to go nowhere? Well, it’s time to switch gears and find romance on the fast track. Speed Asian Dating is helping more and more Indians do just that.

The concept caters to growing number of single professionahighspeed dating leavesls who find it difficult to meet like-minded people through conventional channels like clubs, bars and parties. It also offers an alternative for those who have traditionally relied on family introductions to meet their life partners.

Bombay Speed D8, that began operations in Mumbai sometime back, is a dedicated Speed Asian Dating service that aims to define a new paradigm in the way young professionals make friends, network and get acquainted with their future partners.

“We normally organise one meeting in two weeks at any of the happening clubs or lounges in the city. Participants who have already gone through a prior screening process are called to register and participate in the event. It requires a boy and girl to meet up and spend time with each other. And if they show a liking for a particular participant, we step in to provide the e-mail ids so they can take things further,” says Sandeep Shetty, part of the three-member team that set up Bombay SpeedD8.

Here’s how Speed Asian Dating works. There are 20-30 mini meetings, each of which lasts three minutes. The host seats the participants at numbered tables and after a three-minute whirlwind conversation, each male moves on to the next table. Participants who indicate that they would like to see each other again on their memo cards are later given email addresses.

“Basically we get an x number of boys and girls and give a number to them. Every girl sits on the table number allotted to her, and all the guys go up to the girls according to their table numbers. Once you start Asian dating, the idea is to complete a round. For example if we have 15 couples – we have a guy from one to 15 – which is like the first guy going up to the fifteenth girl. We give a memo card to all, following which each date is given three minutes to interact with each other. During the meeting, they are supposed to tick ‘yes’ or ‘no’ against the date on their memo card. Only if both the boy and the girl say yes to each other, do you find yourself a date. That’s the way matches are made. There’s no bar on the number of matches that one can make, provided you connect with the other person,” explains Ekta, another Bombay SpeedD8 organiser.

According to Ekta, Bombay SpeedD8 merely provides the platform for meeting new people and that is all. What happens thereafter is not the company’s concern. “After the event we let participants know by way of e-mail that they have found themselves a match. We provide the relevant e-mail ids and then we are out of the picture. From there on, one is completely free to exercise his or her discretion about keeping in touch. It is like enhancing a network of friends and groups of like-minded people,” she says.

Source from hindustantimes.com

Fast Love

Speed Asian dating caters for a growing market of disillusioned singles who find they are not meeting like-minded people through the conventional avenues of bars, clubs and singles nights. For those Asians who have in the past relied on traditional methods such as family introductions or other mbarrassing singles events also find it difficult to meet that pecial someone? under such tense circumstances.

That?’s where Asian Speed Dating steps in, being the first dedicated speed Asian dating service in the world, aiming to define a new paradigm in the way Asians meet their partners. fast love

Unlike other Asian dating services on the internet, where you can go through literally hundreds of photos and read esume like descriptions of possible partners, Speed Asian dating is different, allowing people to meet face to face, where they are more likely to make sound judgements on character.

Speed Asian dating involves 20-30 mini meetings lasting about 3 minutes each. Participants indicate who they would like to see again on their memo-cards and will be given each others e-mail addresses within the following 48 hours. Based on psychological research that most people make up their minds as to whether they like someone within the first 15-30 seconds of meeting them, speed Asian dating is bound to bring people together.

Speed Asian dating was originally established for the Jewish communities in the US as a way of keeping marriages within their community. With the Asian community advancing in a similar way, by moving away from the traditional ?rranged marriage? format and becoming open to more liberal ideas of meeting partners, the demand for such a facility is already outstripping the supply in providing a catered service for Asians. That? why speed Asian dating is more than likely to become one of the most popular and effective ways of meeting long term companions.

The launch nights take place on three different occasions and will be held at the Red Cube Venue, Leicester Square in London. The night offers a top Asian comedian on stage and guests will appear at regular intervals with the chance to mingle at the end of the evening.

Read more info about this asain dating visiting Click Walla Site

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