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Asian Dating Agency is an Asian online dating service looking to offer you contact with other members – so you can email, chat, meet and date online. It’s a great way to make new friends!

For past generations, fate, sanjog, kismet, matchmakers, aunty ji’s, may have worked well, but these days many singles prefer to take a pro-active approach and are seeking a more efficient and sophisticated way in which to find a partner for friendship, love and marriage. Many have tried a tested marriage bureau’s, introduction agencies, singles nights, all of which are being left behind and being replaced the Internet.

So start your search for the person of your dreams by joining our Asian online dating service.

There are two easy ways to post your photos on our site. For those of you with access to a scanner or digital camera, there’s our auto-posting facility. Alternatively, send us your photo by post – and we’ll do the rest. Profiles with photos receive up to 10 times more replies – and that’s a fact! So, no excuses, get us that photo and we’ll get you that date!

If you would like to have a chat with us, just drop us an email. We’d appreciate your feedback on how we could improve our Asian online dating services – or anything else you want to talk to us about!

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Hazardous Byproduct: Asian-philes

An acquaintance who complains incessantly of “Asian-philes” on the Internet describes them as non-Asians seeking out only Asians, especially women, for the purpose of dating. The problem, she says, is not that they patronize dating services, but the annoying disruption they create when they cross over onto sites specifically created for Asians to dialogue with other Asians.

Cha’e Escol, 37, a Seattle-based mother, writer and community volunteer, has used the Internet to meet people with “the same passion and interests.” Part Filipino, Spanish and Hawai’ian, she has also encountered Asian-philes online. “Once I got the inkling of what they may have been longing for, I confronted them,” she says.

“It’s all about dating whoever/whatever you want,” says Dan Wu, 26, a Chinese-American “zinester,” publisher of Oriental Whatever Magazine. “I have a problem with ethno-fetishism because it’s usually based on f—ed-up presumptions and notions based on ignorance. I’m also against the notion of colorblindness–it usually equates to whitewashing, ignoring people’s ethnicities. The trick is to acknowledge, respect and learn about one another’s cultures.”

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Asian Dating Online

Tickle’s Asian Dating Online is a free online dating site that uses free personality tests and free IQ tests to match you with singles who share your interests. Our members tend to be college-educated, professional and residents of a large city or its suburbs.

Whether you’re looking for new friends, romance, dating, casual relationships, singles events, clubs, activities partners, pen pals, marriage, sex, or flings, our free matchmaking service will make it easy to meet millions of single people.

How It Works

Join Tickle’s Asian Dating Online and take a free personality test. Then tell us whether you are a woman looking for a man, a man looking for a woman, a woman looking for a woman, or a man looking for a man. We’ll match you with someone who’s right for you whether you’re straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or a swinger.

You can be married, separated, divorced, or widowed. They have millions of singles, even rich and wealthy singles! If you’re interested in religious dating and are looking for Jewish singles or Christian singles in Asian Dating Online, you’ll find them here, too.

Browse millions of free photos and profiles of sexy singles that are guaranteed to be highly compatible with you. When you find someone you want to meet, you can make contact through chat rooms, instant messages, or send unlimited emails.

It’s free to search photos and profiles. Subscribers can send safe, anonymous, and discreet emails. Tickle Asian Dating Online lets you look at millions of photos and vote for the most attractive men and attractive women on our site.

asian dating onlineYou’ll be impressed with the speed of dating on Tickle Asian Dating Online. It’s quick and easy to join for free. There is no credit card needed to create your profile and post your photo. You can upload your photo from your phone or webcam. their community of single adults makes they one of the largest, most popular adult personals and adult friend finder website. Find harmony with a girlfriend, boyfriend, or lover now!

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Dating Services – Asian Dating Services

When it comes to offering the best in Asian personals, Asian dating, Asian adult personals, Asian webtalk, Asian singles ads, and Asian women personals, MegaFriends continues to be the leading online dating services site. Whether you’re searching for the best in Asian personals, Asian men, Asian women dating, single Asian men, single Asian women, or interracial Asian dating, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for in our MegaFriends dating database and people connections services.

With online personals and online dating rapidly becoming one of the chief ways of meeting Asian men and Asian women, MegaFriends gives users a chance to take advantage of a growing dating pool. Our database continues to grow with people seeking Asian friends, Asian mates, Asian activity partners, Asian romances, and Asian love matches. Whether you’re a man or woman, old or young, white, black, Asian, gay, straight, lesbian, you’ll be able to find the Asian dating services you need in order to meet your match.

MegaFriends is one of the leading Asian online dating services on the web, offering free Asian personal classifieds, Asian dating services, Asian internet matchmaking, Asian free web chat, Asian personal profiles, and Asian instant asian love advice

MegaFriends not only offers free online personals to the those seeking Asian partners, but also free adult Asian dating services to single men, women, gay and lesbians around the country. Whether you’re single or married, looking for friends or looking for romance, or just searching for a good time, MegaFriends can provide you with a customized dating Asian service to fulfill exactly what you’re looking for.

In addition to services to help you find an Asian mate, we also offer free Asian love advice, alternative Asian chat, Asian visual chat webrooms, Asian adult dating personals and profiles, Asian free cyber and romance chat, and all types of other opportunities to meet Asian men and women. We’ll help you with your Asian people connection and finding your perfect Asian match by setting up a photo personal and photo profile that will be seen by other Asian users, matched up by your profile interests, and linked to that of your soulmates. You can find single Asian men and women, single gay and lesbians, and even couples throughout the 50 states and around the globe.

MegaFriends is one of the leading Asian single sites and single Asian dating services because it allows singles to create custom searches for all types of Asian relationships. A single man can find his love match three miles away, whether it’s a gay Asian man or straight Asian woman, while also seeking out gay or straight friends, gay or straight activity partners, or even gay or straight sex partners. Once a user has set up a picture personal, this photo ad enters system’s database and is immediately posted to Asian users searching for their matches. When an Asian user finds you, you’ll be contacted and can immediately set up communication through any of our people connection programs – free live chat, anonymous messenging system, e-mail profiles, photo chatrooms, and live webtalk.

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Online Dating Service with Real Possibilities Welcome to, the premier online Asian dating service! Browse, chat, and develop friendships with the click of a mouse. Build a profile, add a picture, and start searching!

Honest and Genuine Asian Online Dating offers a genuine, safe, and exciting environment for online dating. All profiles are reviewed, and all matches are made with advanced search technology designed to all profiles are reviewedmatch not just one, but several characteristics you want in a potential date.

  • Conversation Starters – Not sure what to say to that dapper guy or cute gal…
  • Email Subject Tips – You’ve found someone who matches your interests. What do you do now?
  • First Date Tips – Great, you both see a spark. Get together and make those sparks fly.
  • OnlineAsian Dating Etiquette – What you do at can determine how much fun you have.
  • Using Online Dating Sites – new to the world of online dating sites?
  • Using Photos – Make the most of your online dating experience by emphasizing the real you.
  • Advanced Asian Dating Tips for Men – Edit, edit. You need not be a Rhodes Scholar to impress a belle.
  • Asian Dating Ideas – What you do isn’t as important as how you interact with your date.
  • Asian Dating Older Women – Nearly one third of older women admit to dating men younger than themselves.
  • Love and Senior Dating – You’ve come to the right place to begin your search for new love.
  • Creative Dating Ideas – What to do when it’s time to set a place for the big date?

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The Goals of Asian dating Online

Once upon a time, chivalry was the norm. Nowadays, some women get offended when the door is held open or their seat is pulled out for them. Consequently, many single people are at a loss when it comes to knowing what to do and when to do it. And while there may not be an ultimate list of shoulds and should nots, there are still some common Asian dating tips that everyone can agree on.

It is important to be attentive to your date and this includes listening to what they are saying (and maybe throwing in a question or two) and maintaining eye contact when in a conversation.
There is nothing worse than meeting your date and not knowing what you’re going to do. If you have something planned ahead of time, it shows you put some thought into it.
If you go out for dinner, why not split the bill? Sure, you were invited out and your date is expected to pay but offer anyway. And if
your date picks up the tab, offer to pay the next time.
By all means, call your date if you say you’re going to call!
If you didn’t have a good time then be courteous, and don’t promise to get in touch when you really have no intention of doing so.
Be polite; turn off your cell phone and stop the wandering eyes. There is nothing ruder than taking a casual call from a friend or ogling the waitress at the next table while your date is attempting to hold your attention.
While talking about past relationships almost always comes up in conversation, don’t start telling your date every last detail;
they are not your therapist!
And believe me, chivalry is not dead; women do appreciate it, just don’t overdo it boys.
In this world of women’s independence, many are taking it upon themselves to ask the man out. And why not?! It shows confidence and is a turn-on for many men. Keep in mind though, confidence is sexy, arrogance is a turn off.

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online asian dating sample

Love Vibe-R-Asian

Online Dates, Mail-Order Mates, and Other Auspicious Arrangements
By Yayoi Lena Winfrey, AAV Contributing Editor

Looking for a date or mate can be a full-time job, I know. I speak from personals experience. In 1996, I began a quest for a partner while living in the funky, spunky cosmopolitan chic-dom called Los Angeles. After three and a half years of running paper ads, 371 telephone responses and 146 actual dates, I remained single. Although I’d enjoyed a variety of rich cultural adventures and formed several valuable friendships, I was disappointed that my ideal partner did not appear. When I moved to technology-obsessed Seattle in 1999, I switched from trying to net a mate through the personals to fishing for Asian dating online.

The first night I surfed AOL’s free mate-matching service, [email protected], I nearly crashed my computer. Following six straight hours of displaying color photos and brief bios, my monitor froze. I had to ask a chuckling technician at AOL to unfreeze me. Like the proverbial kid in the candy store, I had scrolled through hundreds of ads. What made personals ads on AOL so special was the addition of pictures. I could view the prospective date or mate before reading his self-penned portrait. If a man had a serious case of the uglies, I wouldn’t have to read further. If I found a man desirable, I could contact him through his posted email address. Compared to a newspaper ad that provided text only in a 25 word maximum description, the Internet was a much better deal. Instead of eating vanilla, I was sampling toasted almond French vanilla.

Following a weekend of browsing, I decided to post my own vivbe-r-Asian

Jafro: psychic-delic Japanese/Afrikan metaphysician, filmmaker, writer and artist ISO tall, toned man of color. She b vegan, n2 World Beat and hip-hop Zen.

However, my online results were worse than my newspaper dates. Some men were into sending emails–period. Closet authors, they only wanted an audience for their writing. And, because the Internet has the capability of reaching people globally, not everyone was immediately available for dating. How often could I realistically see someone who lived in Aruba?

The invisibility factor of online Asian dating was hazardous, too. A man could create a false identity and even hide an existing girlfriend or, worse, a wife. Although the same could be said for Asian dating anyone through other methods, the Internet provided a built-in safety net by guaranteeing anonymity. With a prospect gleaned from a newspaper ad, the likelihood of getting addresses and telephone numbers for a live date discouraged such flagrant behavior.

Although I specified that my perfect match be a man of color, at least half the respondents to my ad were white. Whether they were so-called Asian-philes or not, I didn’t know because I never answered them. I figured they must be illiterate.

Mail-Order Madness on the Internet

For Asians and Asian-philes alike, online Asian dating services extend well beyond just virtual singles bars. According to a New York Times article published in June, the fastest growing web sites promote international marriages — that is, foreign brides for American men.

The tradeoff for these immigrant women, mostly hailing from impoverished countries, is a green card. If she’s lucky, she may even be attracted to the man. For the prospective husband, scoring a wife who is grateful from the jump can be a real ego boost. Anxious to leave her destitute life behind, the new bride is eager to please and the bridegroom is assured she’s willing to cater to his every whim.

INS reports that figures for such unions have doubled in the last decade, totaling nearly 6,000 such marriages a year. Capitalizing on this growth, Internet services have multiplied as well. There are now an estimated 200 sites in the U.S., some earning as much $2 million a year. It’s a relatively easy business to run because of low overhead and startup costs and, most of all, an abundance of eligible foreign women–150,000 a year on the Internet.

In the past, most mail-order brides came from the Philippines which, in the early 1970’s, was in an economic slump. Nowadays, more than half the online services that cater to men seeking brides provide them with women from Russia and the Ukraine.

Are foreign brides victims of a modern-day slave trade? Reportedly, there are high rates of divorce or abuse in such marriages.

Dan Wu, who has never used the Internet for dating, thinks that sites matching up immigrant women with American men are “atrocious”. “Americans who can’t seem to find mates normally can (find online) their stereotyped perceptions of the perfect (mate) read: docile, subservient and exotic as a bonus,” he says. “You a see a lot of ads for Asian and Russian mail-order brides in gun magazines. What does that tell you?”

“I really hate to think of…these as…meat market(s),” says Cha’e Escol about Internet mating sites, “but it does happen. I think that any woman should be aware of herself and others…to be able to identify…someone (who) is targeting you for a scullery maid’s position in his life…to tell him to take a hike. But there are those who feel that… is one way of gaining citizenship…”

Nineteen year-old Hung Nguyen, a Vietnamese student living in Seattle, thinks web sites that specialize in mail-order brides “should be banned because it’s a way of prostitution.”

And what about mail-order grooms? Curious about the type of men advertised on such web sites, I went surfing. Would I find desperate foreigners looking for easy U.S. citizenship? Out of the 79 Asian men posting ads on Cherry Blossoms, only one, in India, indicated a preference for an American or Canadian so that he “could resettle his business.”

Most of the ads were from Filipino men living both in the islands and abroad. Unsurprisingly, younger men were searching for pen pals or girlfriends while older men in their 40’s and 50’s wanted marriage and families. One 49 year-old Japanese man working in “science research” specified “a white girl from the U.S. or European countries including those from former USSR countries.” An East Indian living in the U.S. who spoke Russian also desired “someone from the former Soviet Union” because their “family values are usually high.”

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